Windows 64bit Updated 29/06/2024

To play, extract the Zip and run "KickingBrass.exe"

For older versions, check out the KB Archive


Alpha 0.1

General changes

  • At long last the newest update to Kicking Brass has arrived!

    The game has undergone several massive changes since the last time including a shift in artstyle to 3D, SFX improvements, various system changes and a batch of 31 new items and instruments.

Art Changes

  • The game has been rebuilt up to Gatling Gary in a brand new 3D art style!
  • The arena itself has been redesigned.
  • Various VFX have been improved, reworked or added.

Sound Changes

  • Enemies now attack on beat with the music, and some items also react to the music.
  • Various sounds in the game match the key of the music being played.
  • Various items have improved, reworked or new sounds.

System Changes

  • At the start of every run you are offered a choice between 3 random instruments rather than always starting with the lyre.
  • Elvo and Melven’s food and equipment shops now have 3 slots up from 2.
  • Shop rerolls can no longer be purchased and now only reroll after every boss wave instead of after every wave. Empty shop slots are still rerolled after every wave.
  • The upgrade system was removed and replaced with the augment system. The UI for this is still a work in progress, but the system itself is fully functional.
  • The augment system can be accessed by talking to Jerome and will allow you to unlock augment slots for instruments and passive items. Any non-consumable active item can be placed in these slots to enhance its behaviour. For example placing a cinderloop in a lyre will cause any attacks made with the lyre to set enemies on fire applying the burn effect.
  • Formations have improved attack behaviours and multiple formations can be present in a fight at once. Enemies can now jump over obstacles and will no longer get stuck (hopefully).
  • New Mechanic:
    Empower Some active and passive items have the ability to empower note projectiles. Empowering a note will increase its note type if possible. For example an attack that normally fires a quarter or two-eighth note will instead fire a half note when empowered.

Instrument Changes

  • E-Bass (NEW)

    This was a request from one of our previous speedrun competition winners. The E-Bass fires two-eighth notes in a wave pattern, and charges up a powerful stage dive alternate attack that you can channel to cause lightning to rain down around you as you slide into battle.
  • Lotus Flute (NEW)

    The lotus flute can be channelled to fire a piercing projectile that returns to you after you stop channelling it.
    Its alternate attack similarly pushes ALL your projectiles away while channelling it, and pulls them all back towards you when you release it.
  • Saxophone The alternate attack of the saxophone has been replaced with a powerful breath that can be channelled to pull in and absorb ALL note projectiles. When the breath ends all absorbed attacks will be fired back under your control.
  • Double Bass The alternate attack of the double bass has been replaced with a channelled spin attack that when released will fling you in the targeted direction.
  • Snare Drum Minions spawned by the snare drum now have different attacks based on their position as commanded by the alternate attack. When in front of you they will use cymbals to block attacks and protect you. When next to you they will use a trumpet firing straight shots towards your cursor. When behind you they will use saxophones which behave as they did in the old version.
  • Trumpet The alternate attack now hits in a cone and has generally reduced damage and range.

Active Item Changes

  • All non-consumable active items have received augments Allows you to combine an active Item with an Instrument or Passive item to " Aumgent " the item with its effects. that can be applied to your instruments and equipment!
  • Tier 1 Items
  • Cinderloop
    Now also sets enemies on fire, causing them to take an additional point of damage over time.
  • Frigid Loop
    No longer freezes enemies, instead chills enemies slowing them for an extended amount of time.
  • Soul Loop
    Now fires 4 souls and recharges after defeating 4 enemies. Currently applies a slow instead of a fear. This is a bug and will be fixed in the next version.
  • Gusty Loop (New!)
    Create a powerful gust of wind that knocks back enemies and projectiles. Knocking an enemy into a wall with this deals 2 damage.
  • Stone Loop (New!)
    Create a wall of stone that blocks any projectiles and will be destroyed after a few hits. Can be reactivated to dash towards the wall and kick it, launching the wall into enemies.
  • Amplifier (New!)
    Create a wall that empowers Notes being replaced with next highest note. Ex quarter note becomes half note. ALL note projectiles that pass through it.
  • Repulsor (New!)
    Create a zone beneath you that pushes away all projectiles.
  • Tier 2 Items
  • Bottled Storm (New!)
    Create a tornado that lifts enemies into the air and spins them around before launching them in random directions and damaging them if they are launched into walls.
  • Healing Amulet
    Can no longer be repaired at Jerome. Instead the healing amulet will automatically repair a charge after completing a full set of waves.
  • Call Bell (New!)
    Shatter Note is split into two notes of the next lowest tier. Notes connected by a stem will be sperated. Ex three connected eights split into individual eights. all enemy projectiles on the screen and empowers Notes being replaced with next highest note. Ex quarter note becomes half note. all allied projectiles on the screen
  • Unstable Capacitor (New!)
    Create an arc of lightning that chains between enemies up to 7 times.
  • Void Baton (New!)
    Create a black hole that pulls ALL nearby units and projectiles towards it.
  • Goose Whistle
    Has been temporarily removed. Will be returning in the future.

Consumable Item Changes

    Tier 1 Items
  • Hot Cross Bun
    Heals 1 heart. Replaced cookie.
  • Soup
    Now ticks more frequently healing quarter hearts instead of full hearts one at a time. Heal amount is unchanged.
  • Tier 1 Items
  • Healing Potion (New!)
    Heals 1 heart. Has multiple uses.
  • Berserk Potion (New!)
    Applies a stacking buff to attack and movement speed.
  • Cake (New!)
    Fully heals all hearts.
  • Yamaguchi Super Glue (New!)
    Covers the targeted area in glue, slowing enemies by a massive amount and eventually rooting them in place
  • The following consumables have been removed:
  • -Cookie (replaced with Hot Cross Bun)
  • -Pizza

Passive Item Changes

    Tier 1 Chest Slot
  • Leather Tunic (New!)
    Increases maximum health by 1.
  • Thornmantle
    Now works with glass hearts and greed armour.
  • Stereo Shirt (New!)
    Periodically creates orbiting three-eighth notes around yourself, up to a maximum of 4.
  • Tier 2 Chest Slot
  • Plate Armour
    Now reduces damage taken by 0.5 up from 0.25.
  • Recharging Robe (New!)
    Gain 1 glass heart that recharges after being destroyed.
  • Tier 1 Glove Slot
  • Patient Gauntlet (New!)
    Every 4 seconds your next attack is empowered Notes being replaced with next highest note. Ex quarter note becomes half note. .
  • Songslingers (New!)
    Your projectiles move faster and further.
  • Tier 2 Glove Slot
  • Oven Mitts
    Now triggers every 4 kills down from 5. Rare chance to bake pizza replaced with cake.
  • Boxing Gloves (New!)
    Knockback increased. Knocking enemies into walls deals bonus damage.
  • Berserker’s Gloves (New!)
    Attack and cooldown recovery speed increased by 20% for every heart you are missing.
  • Noteburst (New!)
    When you defeat an enemy they explode into eighth notes.
  • Tier 1 Legs Slot
  • Tutu
    No longer has a limit on how many times it can hit an enemy.
  • Tumbling Boots (New!)
    After dodging your next attack is empowered Notes being replaced with next highest note. Ex quarter note becomes half note. .
  • Sprinter Shoes (New!)
    Every second gain stacking movement and attack speed, up to 6 times. After dodging this bonus resets.
  • Tier 2 Legs Slot
  • Firewalkers (New!)
    Leaves a trail of fire behind as you walk
  • Leap Lords (New!)
    Your dodge can now be charged and when you land release a shockwave of notes. Your movement speed is massively reduced.
  • Tier 1 Trinket Slot
  • Gold Ring (New!)
    Earn 25% more money.
  • Frosty Ornament (New!)
    Gain 3 glass hearts. When all are lost this breaks.
  • Tier 2 Trinket Slot
  • Metronome (New)
    Every couple of beats reduce your active item cooldowns by the time since this item last activated.
  • Fragile Bow (New!)
    Your attacks are empowered Notes being replaced with next highest note. Ex quarter note becomes half note. . When you take damage this breaks.
  • Yolk Day Basket (New!)
    Every couple of seconds add an egg to your inventory if you have space.
  • Tier 3 Trinket Slot
  • Heart Shaped Marver
    Glass furnace has been renamed to this.


General changes

  • Shadow beneath the player is now clearer
  • More improvements to UI

Enemy changes

  • The initial projectile of the heavy brass (not the small shockwave ones) now takes 1.4-2.4 seconds to land instead of 0.7 to 1.7

Enemy changes

  • Glass furnace now only gives half a glass heart on kill


  • Gatling Laser verticality has been fixed, making it much easier to jump over
  • The hitbox around gatling during his laser (not the hitbox of the laser itself) has been decreased by a bit more than 10%
  • Fixed a bug where pickups and money could get stuck beneath the floor
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the game timer would update every 2 seconds instead of every second
  • Fixed a bug where the click hitboxes to swap left and right on the upgrade shop were smaller than intended


General changes

  • Waves 11-19 have been made drastically easier
  • All instrument prices reduced to 10
  • Sounds for buying and picking up instruments added
  • Reroll cost is now linear 1-2-3-4-X instead of squared 1-4-9-16-X^2
  • Significant UI improvements made to shop and blacksmith
  • Healing amulet damage sound is now 40% quieter
  • Light emitter removed from soul loop and skeletons to improve performance
  • Instrument pickup sounds added
  • Reworked enemy spawn vfx
  • Quitting and reentering the map now puts you at the start of the map rather than where you were standing when you quit, this is to prevent certain bugs with moving platforms
  • The arena no longer immediately starts upon entering it, instead there is a pressure plate in the middle which must be stepped on to begin the fight
  • Inventory ui has been reworked

Player changes

  • added a visual effect on spawn and death

Enemy changes

  • Heavy brass now has a 4 second cooldown due to bugs with the formation causing him to attack way too quickly
  • 2 new elite enemy types added to waves 11-19, guitarist Mikaela and cymbalist Clyde
  • Drummer has temporarily left for marching band practice
  • Brassbarian soundtrack has been reworked
  • Brassbarian has been moved to wave 20 to give the player more time to prepare
  • Brassbarian health increased from 80 to 150 (since the player will probably be dealing more than double the damage at this point)
  • Brassbarian leap no longer causes a projectile shockwave, instead it causes a lightning ring to form
  • Gatling has returned!
    Gatling has been drastically reworked with much more heavily telegraphed attacks and is now the beginner boss at wave 10

Map changes

  • Environmental terrain changes have been added to waves 11-19

Instrument changes

  • Violin-
    Alternate fire (spawning the orbiting projectiles) cooldown has been buffed to 0.5 to 0.3 seconds.
    Alternate fire now spawns three-eighth instead of two-eighth notes, making it easier to aim shatters Note is split into two notes of the next lowest tier. Notes connected by a stem will be sperated. Ex three connected eights split into individual eights. .
    Primary fire cooldown nerfed from 0.6 to 0.8 seconds
  • Saxophone-
    Alternate fire is now instant instead of charged and can now be fired while charging primary fire
  • Lyre-
    Primary fire cooldown has been nerfed from 0.5 to 0.6 seconds
  • Trumpet-
    Alternate fire now needs water to be used (primary fire to have been used at least once)

Equipment changes

  • Ballet Skirt-
    Nerfed: Now cannot hit the same target more than 6 times (for a total of 3 damage), previously unlimited (for a total of 8 damage + 8 per upgrade)
  • lightning visuals and sounds have been improved

Bug fixes

  • fixed a bug where when the game restarted the screen would flash black due to resolution issues
  • fixed a bug where prickly helmet would crash the game when taking damage inside an enemy shatter Note is split into two notes of the next lowest tier. Notes connected by a stem will be sperated. Ex three connected eights split into individual eights. effect

Coming soon

Looking forward.

We are excited to announce that with the help of the Bauhaus Neudeli, that we now have an office workspace. Scratching together old computer parts, we will soon be able to work together in person, in a more collaborative and effective manner.

We would like to thank everyone who came by our Booth at A-maze 2023, to play and give feedback to our game. We can't overstate how important and motivating those interactions were. For privacy reasons we won't name name, but i'm sure you know who you are, thank you very much !

With your feedback we'll now immediately get underway, working on the next big patch. This should hopefully breath some life into the arena, by populating the stands, adding more passive npc's, and place King Brasshoven comfortably on his throne. Furthermore, we are planning on adding an in-game tutorial, to make the process of picking up and playing the game easier. The web tutorial shall of course also still be a thing.

Throughout the year, we will be doing out best to attend more events, meet more people, and hopefully get more support to be able to work on the game full time.


General changes

  • Cursor made more visible
  • Added a return to menu button
  • Removed a ui debug button that was left in by accident
  • Fixed timer running during menus

Player changes

  • Player camera has been moved slightly up and zoomed out

Enemy changes

  • Melee shield break sound increased
  • Brassbarian bass solo intermission now fires slightly slower, and no longer has vertical notes
  • Brassbarian spin is slower, less accurate and takes 0.5 seconds longer to wind up

Item changes

  • Fixed typo in chili

Instrument changes

  • Fixed snare drum decsription


General changes

  • Improved performance.
  • Items have been split up into items and equipments. Equipments only have passive effects while items have active effects. Equipments have five extra slots dedicated to them.
  • You can now buy from the shop by clicking on items, or interact with the shopkeep to get a more detailed description of their wares.
  • Larger notes now drop which provide 5 notes to reduce the amount of clutter on the ground.
  • Most projectiles are now visually represented by notes. Several areas of effects can shatter Note is split into two notes of the next lowest tier. Notes connected by a stem will be sperated. Ex three connected eights split into individual eights. these into smaller notes, for example striking a two-eighth note from the trumpeter with a double bass will shatter Note is split into two notes of the next lowest tier. Notes connected by a stem will be sperated. Ex three connected eights split into individual eights. it into two single-eighth notes. The base damage of notes is based on their type, for example two-eighth notes will always deal a base of 1 damage. These also have awesome new visual effects.

Player changes

  • The player now has a properly functioning inventory that can be accessed with “I”. You can throw items out of your inventory by dragging them out, and can swap around items.
  • Money near the player is now slowly pulled towards you.
  • Visual Overhaul to character animations.
  • Glass heart visuals improved.
  • Partial health doesn’t exist anymore, all damage and healing is dealt in multiples of 0.25. (The smallest instance of damage or healing is a quarter heart).

Enemy changes

  • Lobbed attacks are now telegraphed
  • The shockwave from saxophonist projectiles now deals 0.5 damage instead of 1.
  • Heavy Brass shockwave now deals 0.5 damage instead of 1.
  • The drummer attack & move speed shockwave (orange) now instead forces all allies it hits to perform an attack.
  • Brassbarian has received a massive visual overhaul. His attacks now have better telegraphs. He has significantly more health, a second phase and an intermission phase. The projectiles from the brassbarian swing and leap have been slowed down, and only deal 0.5 damage in phase one but 1 damage in phase two. He is now invulnerable during the spin. The stun duration after the spin has been reduced, and the damage amp has been removed.

Map changes

  • The shop section has become easier to navigate, properly lit and generally condensed in size.
  • Elvo and Melven’s shops have been split up, Melven now focuses on selling food while Elvo focuses on selling equipments. Floog still sells items and instruments.
  • The colosseum now celebrates your victory, when you clear a set of waves it will be clearer. (The camera will zoom out, confetti will be launched, music will play, money will rain down on you)

Item changes

Added Items

  • Goose Whistle - Costs 15. Passively grants a goose who helps you in combat. Can be activated to command the goose to charge to your cursor on a 5 second cooldown.
  • Bottled Starlight - Costs 30. Causes stars to rain down on nearby enemies for the next 6 seconds. Cooldown: 18 seconds.
  • Fleet Feather - Costs 5. Grants a burst of 100% movement speed decaying over 3 seconds. Has a cooldown of 10 seconds.
  • Egg - Costs 1. Can be thrown, explodes into a large aoe of three-eighth notes. Destroyed on use.

Adjusted Items

  • Cinderloop - Cooldown reduced from 7 to 6 seconds. Now shatters Note is split into two notes of the next lowest tier. Notes connected by a stem will be sperated. Ex three connected eights split into individual eights. nearby projectiles.
  • Frigid Loop - Cooldown reduced from 12 to 9 seconds.
  • Electroloop - Reworked. Now channels a beam of lightning which slows enemies within it for 1 second before exploding, dealing 1 damage and stunning enemies within. Cooldown of 7 seconds.
  • Soul Loop - Fixed and slightly reworked. No longer fires 1 projectile per enemy, instead fires 5 projectiles each time. Homes towards the closest enemy. Applies fear. Doesn’t break on terrain. Now requires 5 souls instead of 4 to be used.
  • Soup - Now heals over 15 seconds instead of 30. Has a visual indicator. Due to the partial health changes now heals 1 heart every 5 seconds instead of gradually filling up your heart over time.
  • Piggy Bank - Now has a visual effect. Moved to equipments.
  • Prickly Helmet - Renamed to thornmantle and moved to equipments. Visually updated.
  • Rusty Shield - Cooldown reduced to 8 seconds.
  • Plate Armour - Moved to equipments.

Removed Items

  • Carrot - Removed
  • Cheese - Removed
  • Power Potion - Removed
  • Vitality Potion - Removed
  • Suspicious Finger - Removed
  • Amplifier - Removed
  • Haggling Dice - Removed
  • Void Baton - Temporarily Removed
  • Stonebound Loop - Temporarily Removed
  • Gusty Loop - Temporarily Removed

Instrument changes

Added Instruments

  • Violin -
    Normal Attack: A quick slash which shatters Note is split into two notes of the next lowest tier. Notes connected by a stem will be sperated. Ex three connected eights split into individual eights. projectiles.
    Alternate Attack: Creates an orbiting two-eighth note, you can have up to 8 at once. Every
    second note is a ghost note which cannot hit but can be shattered Note is split into two notes of the next lowest tier. Notes connected by a stem will be sperated. Ex three connected eights split into individual eights. .
  • Snare -
    Passively creates up to 2 small heavy brass minions which follow you around.
    Normal Attack: Release a shockwave which commands nearby allied minions to attack.
    Alternate Attack: Command your minions to follow a different formation.
  • Xylophone -
    Normal Attack: Summons a skeleton which attacks nearby enemies with one-eighth note. Can
    have up to 5 skeletons. Alternate Attack: After a brief delay causes all your minions to explode!

Adjusted Instruments

  • Lyre -
    Alternate attack now does a delayed sequence of 5 two-eighth notes. A single enemy cannot be hit by multiple notes.
  • Trumpet -
    Normal attack fires a two-eighth note in a straight line. Can be charged to fire a faster moving three-eighth note instead. Normal attack builds up water, alternate attack consumes water to create a damaging blast with strong knockback which leaves behind a puddle that slows enemies with size based on the water consumed.
  • Saxophone -
    Normal attack lobs a two-eighth note which creates a small shockwave of eighth notes upon landing. Can be charged to release a quarter note which creates a shockwave of two-eighth notes upon landing. Alternate attack lobs a note which creates a shockwave that pulls enemies towards the center. Can be charged to increase the area and strength of the pull.
  • Double Bass -
    Normal attack now also causes you to lunge forward during the swing. Alternate attack now leaps a fixed distance in the direction you aim, and doesn’t perform a shockwave when you land. Can perform a downward slam by using either attack in the air, this slam damages and pulls enemies and shatters Note is split into two notes of the next lowest tier. Notes connected by a stem will be sperated. Ex three connected eights split into individual eights. projectiles based on the height you slam down from.

Removed Instruments

  • Maracas - Temporarily Removed
  • Keytar - Temporarily Removed
  • Bongos - Removed
  • Mic - Removed

Equipment changes

Added Equipment

  • Glass Furnace - Costs 10. Defeating an enemy grants 1 glass heart for 4 seconds.
  • Ballet Skirt - Costs 5. After landing from a jump you release a spiral of eighth notes.
  • Greed Armour - Costs 25. Damage can be blocked by Money. (10 Money blocks 1 Damage). Half of the money lost is dropped nearby and can be retrieved.
  • Oven Mitts - Costs 10. Whenever you defeat 5 enemies, cook a cookie or rarely a pizza.
  • Revive Doll - Costs 15. If you would die, it sacrifices itself to save you, preventing your death and fully healing you.

Bounty changes

  • Bounties can now provide rewards aside from money. (Items, Weapons and Equipment). These offers are usually worth significantly more than what the bounty would have rewarded you with otherwise, and can even provide you with rewards that aren’t available from the shop yet.
  • The types of bounties that are offered have been reworked. We removed the bounties that increased enemy damage, attack speed and move speed since we want to focus on bounties changing the way that you play rather than simply raising the numbers. These have been replaced with bounties that cause projectiles to ricochet and add specified enemy types to waves. There is also a hard mode bounty that appears for boss fights. The bounties we’ve included so far are some of the less interesting ones we had planned, we are excited to significantly expand this pool in the future.
  • Bounties have received a significant visual overhaul.

Bug fixes

  • Knockback stacking when hit by multiple projectiles has been fixed and removed.
  • Randomly getting stuck in the floor has finally been fixed. (The unstuck button has also been removed since it is no longer needed).

Coming soon

  • Upgrades will be expanded on more significantly in a future patch, we only managed to get some basic ones in on time for this one.
  • Significantly more waves. We were a little strapped for time near the end of this patch so we didn’t have many waves prepared this time. We mostly focused on waves 1-10, and are excited to bring back many more waves and boss fights in the near future. (Probably next major patch)
  • Hotfixes for bugs or balancing. Previously we couldn’t do this because we didn’t keep track of our old game version, this meant we could only do updates on our internal version of the game which was a very bare bones rework of the game that couldn’t be compared to what we had live at the time. This time we’ve made a branch of the game that we can work on to make needed adjustments for any of our oversights. So please make sure to flood our bug reports channel on discord with whatever you find, this time we’ll be able to act on it.
  • Faster updates. Most of the reworks we were talking about are done. Due to university exams we will be pretty busy over the next month, but afterwards we’ll be able to bring out major updates significantly faster than this one.
  • Many more items, weapons and equipments will be added, including returning ones which didn’t make it into this patch in time.
  • Many more bounties and enemy variants. (Most of them didn’t make it into this patch).
  • Improvements to options, hotkeys and controller support.
  • Improvements to standard enemy formations.
  • The old electroloop will likely return as an alternate upgrade to the current electroloop.
  • Multiplayer is still going to take a while, so don’t expect it anytime soon but it is still being worked on.