What we stand for

“Stepheight is the natural outcome of a desire to make video games”

-is what Oskar once said when asked to describe our group and why we do what we do. Our studio is driven by the passion of developing a video game, no matter where we are, who we are, or what our circumstances might be. Our team started doing this in an area where game development is basically unheard of, while also juggling university, side jobs, and a handful of personal challenges. We want Stepheight to be a beacon of what is possible, no matter what restrictions one might face.


What we want to achieve

We at Stepheight want to enrich the indie game scene in DACH countries, but also worldwide. We want to provide quality games, build a tight-knit community that helps us grow by giving us the feedback we need, we want to help people who think they can’t develop games, see that it is possible and be an example to others. Especially after the fallout many AAA game studios have experienced in recent years, we want to remind players that games are not just a product that is sold and bought, but that games are art, experiences, memories, and something that can and should be valued, as long as the studio behind it feels the same.


How we got here

Stepheight Studio is a three-person game development team based in Weimar, Germany. What started out as a group for a university project, is now an independent game dev studio trying to make its mark on the game industry. With help from university mentors, friends and family, our goal is to produce high-quality, engaging games, that reflect our passion as developers.

Stepheight has received support from so many people that we feel lucky to be able to have shown our current project “Kicking Brass” at a handful of events and grown a wonderful community on our discord server.




Sam Flentje

Pronouns: Any/all

Discord name: Cheatin Sloth

Role: Composer, Sound Designer, Worldbuilder

Favorite Video games: Outlast Franchise, Outer Wilds, Life is Strange

Proudest accomplishment in game: The shatter sound for projectiles breaking


Peter Dunn

Pronouns: Any/all

Discord name: PeteTheN00b

Role: Programmer

Favorite Video games: Library of Ruina, Risk of Rain (1 and 2), Xenoblade Chronicles

Proudest accomplishment in game: Formation system that makes enemies work together


Oskar Kraska McKone

Pronouns: He/Him

Discord name: McK

Role: Visual Artist, Environment Artist, Web Developer

Favorite Video games: Zelda Wind Waker, Smash bros Ultimate, Half life Franchise

Proudest accomplishment in game: Brassbarian intro animation